Send In Repair Service

As well as building consoles and creating new hardware we also have a physical store and an online store where we offer repairs and send in services for all manner of devices. Not just retro consoles but primarily that is our business.

We have repairs consoles as old as the Spectrum and Commodore era right up to the PS5 and all things in between.

Our engineers including the owner, Luke, have years of experience in hardware as well as specifically retro consoles. We only use the best tools, parts and techniques to safely and professionally restore your consoles.

We even share our knowledge and teach you how to repair yourself on our YouTube channel.

Due to import tax and shipping we only offer this service in the UK, or phyiscally bringing the devices into our store.

What is the process to get my device repaired?

Each send in service has its own details in the product page, so read those firstly.

Generally, you select your desired send in service for the product you have. Select any upgrades you would like, and add to basket. You checkout and pay for the shipping option you want us to send your device back to you using.ย 

Then you send your device to us, including inside it any notes, as well as your order details inside (we get lots, so just a parcel with a console in is going to get lost).

Once we receive it, we read your notes, contact you with any questions, repair and upgrade your device how you like, and post it back to you.

All work is carried out directly on sight by RetroSix and nothing is outsourced. All removed parts are returned with your device for preservation and so you have all your original parts.ย 

Care is taken with each order as we know how important your old consoles from your childhood are.

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