The HDMI port on the PS5 is poorly soldered from factory. After repairing over 100 units I can say that not a single port was properly soldered, with the pins simply breaking over time with the slightest movement.

To reflow a new HDMI port onto the console you must first remove the original. Use a hot air station set to maximum (500C and 120% air). Anything less than 500C and you will struggle to remove the connector.

Apply the heat 1 inch away and from the underside of the connector not the top. Move in circular motions and set a timer for 6 minutes. After around 6-8 minutes the connector should lift freely out.

IMPORTANT: Do not tug or lift the connector if it is not totally free otherwise you could tear the small pads off the PCB.

Once free, you must use flux and de-solder wick to remove the original solder. Mix it with leaded solder to lower the melting point and use your soldering iron on 420C and your hot air station at the same time to assist with warming up the pads and holes to de-wick them clean.

If you knock off the tiny capacitor on the left side of the HDMI port, it is a 0201 ceramic capacitor, 220nF. This isn't strictly needed for the HDMI to work but it is recommended to re-install a capacitor if you knock it off.


Updated 20 Jun 2022
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