Game Gear Shell Design

To use our custom printing solutions and have your very own design UV printed onto a Game Gear front shell, glass or both is simple.

Download the Game Gear UV Design Template from our public files here.

Using Photoshop or GIMP you can use our PSD template attached here to drop your artwork into the folder shown. Freely move the art around and resize it, having it crop to the shell shape.

If you are doing a glass only order just place your design in the optional overlays layer.

If your designs spreads across both glass an shell, use the Shell + Glass Design layer to place your artwork, this layer also works if your only looking to do a shell design.

The Shell Colours layer will allow you to preview your design on whatever one of our coloured shells you have chosen for your order.ย 

Document image

Once you are happy with the layout, save the design and send the PSD to us as part of your order.ย 

DO NOT edit other parts of the template, rename or delete layers or styles. Just place your shell artwork in the Shell folder, and your glass design in the Glass folder replacing the sample designs.

How many colors can my design have?

You can have as many colors in your design as you like. Our UV printer can print the whole range of colors.

What resolution does my artwork need to be?

The larger the better. If you provide low resolution artwork, the quality of the design will suffer. So as high quality as possible.

Artwork notes

We will happily print any design you send to us, but please be responsible and make sure the artwork you send us you have the rights to use it. We will not check the rights of images or art and presume if you send it to us, you have checked you are allowed to use it.