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Welcome to the RetroSix Wiki website. Here you will find a huge variety of information, knowledge, tips, tricks and tutorials on retro consoles, hardware repair, design and engineering.

Written mostly by Luke from RetroSix, here is where we share our knowledge for the community of restorers to learn from, create new and exciting products for the retro scene, and further our ability to restore old consoles keeping our childhood alive.

If you see anything that is incorrect or needs further explanation in any of the documentation feel free to contact us on our discord server or email.


  • YouTube (retro hardware repair and creation)
  • Discord (chat, discuss, get assistance)
  • Online Store (purchase retro consoles, hardware, spares, merch)
  • Instagram (social, new releases, discount codes)
  • Facebook (social, new releases, discount codes)
  • Public Files (Schematics, Templates etc...)

Updated 15 May 2022
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